How does a Gestalt therapy session different from other psychological therapy?
The session you can get from this therapy is deeper because it doesn’t let restricted method of psychoanalysis to get in the way. The session is dynamic and interactive. It is a humanistic approach in dealing with depression and other related mental health issues.

Do you have an online community?
Yes. People who are going through depression and anxiety need to have trusted companions. Our online community is small yet intimate. Our website visitors may go to our registration page to join.

Is this therapy expensive?
Gestalt Web provides affordable services perfect for individuals who are suffering both financially and emotionally. We believe that lack of money should not be a hindrance to seeking counsel and professional help. Avail our coupon code & discounts before signing up for a therapy session to save.

Can the therapy be done online?
We believe that in order for the therapy to work, you need to be physically present. Human interaction is vital to our work.

Do you allow clients to seek other alternatives like reiki and meditation?
Definitely. We are all unique. We don’t restrict our clients to embrace other alternatives to help with their depression. As long as the alternative is helping you in positive ways, you have a green light from us.

How many session does it usually take?
It may vary depending on how open you would be during the session. Based on our experience, it could take 5 sessions or more to completely uncover the factors that adversely affect your emotional health.