About Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy is a psychotherapy that is focused on the client. The therapy focuses on the present instead of dwelling in past experiences. Gestalt therapy is interactive and is designed for client’s to release their emotions. And allow them to realize the things that make them feel how they feel. It’s an Amsterdam Heineken experience kind of therapy. It’s not just a set of a boring question-answer portion. The client himself can make an internal realization of his situation.

The Unseen Shadows of Depression

What is depression? Why do people fall into depression? Experts would give you a list of why you are having depression. But the truth is, we don’t care about the list, we don’t care anymore when begin to succumb ourselves with this negative behaviour. Depression is more than just imbalanced chemicals in your brain. It’s more than just feeling sad or being strong. Depression is deadly. As soon as you noticed the symptoms provided by glasvezel alles in een vergelijken, seek help as soon as you can. You are not alone in this battle. There was a story about a woman who was crying in the dark corner of a street. Another lady approached her to see what was going on with her. The crying woman gave her a broken smile. It was so broken that you can feel it. She was trying to hold back the tears, but they just won’t stop. There was no need for words, only deep connection and mutual understanding. They hugged and both cried. The other lady said before she bid her goodbye, “don’t look down because you’ll see scary shadows, instead, look upon the stars. Even when you don’t see one, they are just there covered by thick clouds. I don’t know what you are going through right now, but the hope is just in the inside of you covered with clouds. Remove the clouds, and you can see them shine.” Shadows appear in the presence of light and darkness. Depression works that way, it thrives on the darkness because the light is not sufficient; however, depression is unseen. It’s almost undetectable because it could come in many faces. But like any negative emotions, it can be controlled. There is always hope. Just like what the lady told in the short story, “remove the clouds, and you can see them shine.”

There is Hope for You

Most people who are going through depression would rather keep their condition within themselves. Some even might not aware of it. Depression is treated nowadays with prescribed medications which are highly addictive. After taking these prescripted medications, some patients became worst than they started. Gestalt therapy is still the chosen therapy of experts from tele2 glasvezel postcodecheck. The cure to depression is by changing ourselves for the better. This therapy is helpful in pointing out these self-realizations. Here at Gestalt Web, we believe that anyone can get better without medication. Depression, anxiety, resentment, and other undesirable feelings are often caused by external factors that we permitted to enter our subconscious mind. Some factors could be trauma, abuse, and beliefs dictated by society and culture. Going through regular anxiety and depression is difficult. But remember that there is hope for you. Find a therapist from Gestalt Web. We provide therapy sessions with special discounts. Instead of allowing yourself to get buried with depression, fight it fist to fist.

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